Is Ricky Ponting’s famous look-alike George Bush?

Ricky Ponting has become someone everyone respects as a cricketer. He might not have a lot of fans in India and the sub-continents in general but certainly all his rivals respect his ability by wildly celebrating everytime he gets out. Recently Australian media was singing praises that a Ponting would be very hard to come […]

List of World Records Tendulkar owns in International Cricket

Recently the buzz in Cricket is all about Tendulkar who has scored the first double hundred in ODI cricket.

That is a world record and I started wondering how many world records does Tendulkar own.
Here is a compiled list of all records the great man owns…

* Most runs scored by a batsman in Test career: 13,477 runs.
* Most runs scored by a batsman in ODI career: 17,598 runs.
* Most centuries scored by in Test career: 47 hundreds.
* Most centuries scored in a ODI career: 46 hundreds.