Pune IPL teams fictional jersey [Funny]

It is common knowledge that next years IPL tournament will have 10 teams instead of the current 8 teams. I had written over a month ago on which two cities I felt were favorite to win the bids and I got Ahmedabad wrong as Kochi was the winner but I did manage to predict Pune as the new IPL team correctly.

Now the exciting part for us at rtBlogs (network of blog under which Crictalks comes under) is that we are located in Pune and having an IPL team in our city will be quite a lot of fun.

Here is a fake or fictional IPL jersey for Pune someone came up with and mailed us about it. It is quite hilarious.

This one is quite funny as it has sponsors like Chitale Bandhu and Joshi Wadewale who are old and iconic brands in Pune but unlikely to be sponsors for the IPL team. The sting in the tale seems to be inscription on the bottom part of the t-shirt which hails the team owners to not keep advertisements there as it might distract the players to wear so many ads. 🙂

Do you have such funny stuff regarding Cricket to share ? Do share it and we will certainly put it up on our blog.

25 replies on “Pune IPL teams fictional jersey [Funny]”

  1. I think in the future Pune styled IPL jokes are going to be the rage. The legendary Puneri sarcasm has got a international stage now.

  2. pune ipl team jercey look like funny this is t shirt or advertisement board please change the model of jersey

  3. bakwas i don’t like jersey kashi ashali pahije puitu jakas he kay amchi kuthehi shaka nahi ani chitle bandhu kay tari karaych mhanun keli a shiviji maharajach var asle pahije shevati
    jay maharashtra jay pune

  4. orangecha hawi fact tyawar amachi shakha kuthehi nahi asal kahihi nasaw ani shivaji maharaj asawet

  5. what is this wade wale or mithai wale you r going to play cricket or selling mithai or wade in IPL 4

  6. Mithaai ko shop men bikane do yaar,Ground me cricket rahane do
    Ye jarsi mithaai kaa board lag raha hai !

  7. pls change the jersy im big fan of yuvraj sahare the indian team jersy owner but not suit for pune i giv color options lik black with light green

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