Is Ricky Ponting’s famous look-alike George Bush?

Ricky Ponting has become someone everyone respects as a cricketer. He might not have a lot of fans in India and the sub-continents in general but certainly all his rivals respect his ability by wildly celebrating everytime he gets out.
Recently Australian media was singing praises that a Ponting would be very hard to come by again and once he retires Australia would lose a great captain and a legendary batsman. Agreed they might not find a replacement but a remarkable look alike has been found. He is no other than former US President George Bush. 😛

Look at the image above and there is a marked resemblance between the two. It is strange in a way; Bush was the leader of the most powerful economy which is now a bit in shambles while he left office and similarly Ponting was the leader of the most powerful cricket team which has dipped down considerably from its previous glories.

Hope you enjoyed the look-alikes, do drop your comments of more instances of cricketers and their famous look-alikes.

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