Play Twenty 20 Cricket on Facebook

If Cricket can have a zillion groups and fan pages on Facebook would a interesting strategy game be too far away. That is exactly what Twenty 20 Cricket, a Facebook application is all about.

The application is quite simple but the game a little complex. It pits you as a manager and lets you recruit your friends as players. I guess the players who play the Facebook T20 Cricket game with higher ranking or points will obviously be better players in your team.

The options are quite a few and you can play against other teams in different sorts of tournaments. There is also a reward system. As a captain/manager you can set the batting order, bowling preferences and also field settings.

I have been playing and trying out the interface only for a few days but it has a decent community and a lot of options.

For trying out the Twenty 20 app click here. Do drop in your comments; I would really like to read them.

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