Watch live IPL matches on YouTube

In my previous post I wrote about IPL website allowing a great interface for setting reminders with the IPL season schedule. So now after reminders what next? The Cricket for obvious reasons. IPL matches will be streamed live on YouTube right through the season.

Is IPL a test run for YouTube?

YouTube later in the year is schedule to partner FIFA for the Soccer World Cup. I guess the viewership will be massive for that event and showing IPL live will allow You Tube a test run before a truly massive event. This makes sense and also makes YouTube a great brand in India. I recently saw many hoardings in innocuous places like buses and train stations. We never had a website being promoted in such places.

So when it is match time and you cannot see a television set around for you to tune into, watch it live on YouTube IPL channel.

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  1. This is a good steps taken by IPL and youtube to entertain users and specially for people who have only Internet as a entertainment solution with them…
    Most important thing is Airtel is giving 2MBps speed for smooth watching of IPL 🙂

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