India’s Wall: Rahul Dravid’s ODI Career Statistics!

Little did Rahul Dravid imagine he was going to play another ODI match in his career after India won the World Cup in 2011. India were world champs and Dravid was not picked for over 2 years.

The nickname of ‘The Wall’ was apt and proven once again with Indian team struggling hopelessly in England but Dravid standing tall amongst the ruins, with 3 centuries in the Test series.

The selectors looked for a savior and selected Rahul Dravid marking his return to ODI format of the game.

Ironically, Dravid on being selected decided to declare it his last ODI series and retire from this format of the game. Today will be his last game. Here are some of his achievements in his ODI career spanning 15 years.

Dravids – ODI Career Stats

Matches  343
Innings  317
Runs  10820
Strike Rate  71.16
Average  39.06
Hundreds 12
Fifties 82

Dravid also was a safe fielder and has kept wickets for many matches.
He has taken 72 catches as a wicket-keeper while taking 124 catches as a fielder. He also has 14 dismissals as stumped taking his total dismissals while fielding to 210.

Further more Dravid bowled 31 overs and took 4 wickets as a bowler.

Dravid’s Captaincy Record in ODI

Rahul Dravid was not a celebrated captain mostly because of India being knocked out in the first stages of the World Cup in 2007. But his captaincy record is quite impressive in ODI format.

He captained India in 79 matches, winning 42 of them. This was a success rate of over 53%. This rate is marginally superior to even Ganguly’s success rate as captain which around 52%.

Do you think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets for Indian cricket and its achievements over the past decade and a half? Do drop in your comments.

BCCI: Board of Control for Cricket Injuries!

India’s tour to England has been a disaster. We lost the series 4 – 0 and trail the ongoing ODI series 2-0. Yes, India has lost 6 matches without even winning a single one. But the bigger disaster seems to be for the players. India is losing more players than matches. The count has reached eight.

I wonder if BCCI means the Board of Control for Cricket Injuries??

Here is the list of players injured in this tour of England:

  1. Virender Sehwag
  2. Gautam Gambhir
  3. Sachin Tendulkar
  4. Rohit Sharma
  5. Yuvraj Singh
  6. Harbhajan Singh
  7. Ishant Sharma
  8. Zaheer Khan
Seems like India’s injured team is a lot stronger than the one thats playing out there.
Do drop in your comments.

How Captains Have Performed in World Cup History

It is important in Cricket that a leader should perform and set an example for the team. Lets check the performance of the captains of the winning team in the World Cup from its start to the end last World cup won by Dhoni’s men.

1975: First World cup at England

Winner: West Indies

Captain: Clive Lloyd

Performance: Matches – 5 , innings – 3 ,  runs – 158 , 100’s – 1 , 50’s – 1

1979: Second World cup at England

Winner : West Indies

Captain : Clive Lloyd

Performance: Matches – 4 , innings – 3 ,  runs – 123 , 100’s – 0 , 50’s – 1

1983: Third World cup at England

Winner: India

Captain: Kapil Dev

Performance : Matches – 8 , innings – 8 ,  runs – 303 , 100’s – 1 , 50’s – 1 , wkt – 12

1987 : Fourth World Cup at INDIA – Pakistan

Winner : Australia

Captain : Allan Border

Performance : Matches – 8 , innings – 8 ,  runs – 183 , 100’s – 0 , 50’s – 1

1992: Fifth World cup at Australia – New Zealand

Winner: Pakisatan

Captain: Imran Khan

Performance : Matches – 8 , innings – 7 ,  runs – 185 , 100’s – 0 , 50’s – 1 , wkt – 7

1996: Sixth World cup at India – Pakistan – Sri Lanka

Winner: Sri Lanka

Captain: Arjuna Ranathunga

Performance : Matches – 6 , innings – 6 ,  runs – 241 , 100’s – 0 , 50’s -2

1999: SeventhWorld cup at England

Winner: Australia

Captain: Steve Waugh

Performance : Matches – 10 , innings – 8 ,  runs – 415 , 100’s – 1 , 50’s – 2 , wkt – 3

2003: Eighth World Cup at South Africa – Kenya – Zimbabwe

Winner: Australia

Captain: Ricky Ponting

Performance : Matches – 11 , innings – 10 ,  runs – 398 , 100’s – 2 , 50’s – 1

2007: Ninth World Cup at West Indies

Winner: Australia

Captain: Ricky Ponting

Performance : Matches – 11 , innings – 9 ,  runs –  539 ,100’s – 1 , 50’s – 4

2011:  10th World Cup at India – Sri Lanka – Bangladesh

Winner: India

Captain: MS Dhoni

Performance: Matches – 9 , innings – 8 ,  runs – 241 , 100’s – 0 , 50’s – 1

We should remember the knock of 175 notout from Kapil Dev against Zimbabwean, Steve Waugh knocks against South Africa, Ponting century against India and the MS Dhoni brilliant knock of 91 in the recent 2011 World Cup Final.

3 Reasons why Ganguly was ignored by Kolkata Knight Riders [Funny]

Ganguly for me is the God of the off-side when it came to watching him bat. He was the first Indian captain who showed ego and aggression. The Indian team that buckled under sledging, suddenly started to sledge back and no longer was the Indian team considered the polite losers. IPL actions came and went by over a full two days. It was strange that Kolkata Knight Riders did not pick Ganguly up to lead their side. I think the KKR management must have had a collective brain aneurism to actually not pick Kolkata’s favourite Dada.

I could only think of these funny reasons for Ganguly being ignored this IPL by Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Rider.

  1. Maybe when Gambhir’s name was called out, the KKR management heard it as Ganguly and went on a bidding war with other teams. Afterwards they realized it was Gambhir and not Ganguly. Alas Shahrukh Khan’s team was left with no money after buying Gambhir  for over $2 million.
  2. Shahrukh Khan might be angry that all the attention goes to Dada when KKR play. He wanted to be the only star of his team. So what, if he cannot play cricket. King Khan will now be the only star of KKR.
  3. Maybe the bidding team forgot that KKR stood for Kolkata Knight Riders and not King Khan Rulez. Kolkata team that ignored Ganguly will not be liked even outside Kolkata.

Anyways, IPL owners are known to bank on youngsters when it comes to shelling out money. But, strangely over the past three years Ganguly was the most consistent of their players. Maybe Ganguly should have taken a cue from Kumble and opted out of the IPL circus.

Dhoni goes from being Captain Cool to Captain Clueless

India has had a rich history of Batsmen who had wrists of steel and footwork fancier than a gazelle. But they have always had a problem facing short balling and always had a issue with unearthing good fast bowlers. India has always suffered when fast bowlers gave the batting order some chin music but off late India has had the Dravids and Tendulkars to deal with the short stuff and manage.

But the T20 World Cup does not feature these old guys and we have new young breed of batsman who instead of playing a straight forward drive end up playing the scoop. The performance of our batsman must have left MS Dhoni popularly nicknamed as Captain Cool as Captain Clueless.

The curious case of being clueless

MS Dhoni won the toss on two occasions and decided that the pitch had a bit in it for the fast bowlers and so decided to bowl first to get early breakthrough. So far so good, but then India had two pacemen, one spinner and 5 part times spinners.

So India ended up opening the bowling with Harbhajan Singh a spinner and used up his three overs with the new ball on a seaming wicket. So what followed against Australia and West Indies was pretty similar that part time spinners went for sixes and fours all the time and the only respite was when the batsmen thought of taking it easy.

Strangely Indias big win against South Africa came while batting first and that was when Indian batsmen played out the new ball and hammered the older one.

India is pretty much out of the T20 World Cup and will have to beat Sri Lanka and hope that Australia beat West Indies. Too many ifs and buts and frankly not so good for us fans who like a straight forward victory march.

Dhoni is not to be entirely blamed for the bad show as some of the fancied names like Murali Vijay, Y Pathan and R Jadega have hardly made their presence felt.

When Ravindra Jadega bats at number 9 and bowls only 2 overs as a part timer then we are playing with 10 and a half players instead of 11. But then I did warn you that it is Captain Clueless who is picking the team. 😛

Sachin on Twitter: List of cricketers on Twitter

Sachin Tendulkar has finally arrived on Twitter quietly and surreptitiously. Most people might have thought initially that it was a fake but now with Twitter verifying the account along with over hundred thousand followers in 24 hours. Its official that Tendulkar is now on Twitter and now his die hard crazy fans will get to follow their idol’s life.

But Tendulkar is not the only cricketer on Twitter. There are quite a few. Some of them are fakes and some profiles are not being updated regularly so I will leave them out. But here is a list of all cricketers that you can find on Twitter.

Just click on any of the names and you will be taken to their Twitter profile page.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Zaheer Khan
  3. Graeme Smith
  4. Yuvraj Singh
  5. Shane Warne
  6. Mark Boucher
  7. Wayne Parnell
  8. Micheal Clarke
  9. Albie Morkel
  10. Darren Gough
  11. James Anderson
  12. Chris Gayle
  13. Suresh Raina
  14. Rohit Sharma
  15. Sourav Ganguly

I am sure there are many others but I could not verify as I mentioned some accounts were too inactive to be really sure. Do follow these on field greats and also please do let me know if there are any other cricketers with Twitter profiles!

Don Bradman’s tormentor Alec Bedser dies

Alex Bedser is not exactly a popular name for most cricket fanatics and many would not have even heard the name. But in his time he was on of the best bowlers around in Cricket and it was a reputation he polished further by taking Don Bradman’s wicket six times in a single test series.

Alec Bedser was 28 when he made his debut against India in 1946. This was quite unfortunate as he did play for nine more years with 236 wickets from 51 tests. As a fast bowler playing he was playing since the age of 28 which meant he was playing Test cricket well after his peak which is usually early to mid twenties.

Unfortunately World War 2 was taking place in those days and Bedser lost many of his Cricketing years. When he retired he was the highest wicket taker in Test cricket.

In the glitz and glamour of today’s cricket not many would remember a 91 year old ex-test cricketer but Sir Alex Bedser was someone who truly deserves to be remembered. Afterall not many bowlers could really boast of taming Bradman six times. Sir Alex Bedser died after a short illness on 4th April 2010.

Link: Wikipedia | The Corridor

List of World Records Tendulkar owns in International Cricket

Recently the buzz in Cricket is all about Tendulkar who has scored the first double hundred in ODI cricket.

That is a world record and I started wondering how many world records does Tendulkar own.

Here is a compiled list of all records the great man owns…

  • Most runs scored by a batsman in Test career: 14,692 runs.
  • Most runs scored by a batsman in ODI career: 18,111 runs.
  • Most centuries scored by in Test career: 51 hundreds.
  • Most centuries scored in a ODI career: 48 hundreds.
  • Most fifties in a Test career: 55
  • Most fifties in a ODI career: 96
  • Most fours hit in a Test career: 1781
  • Most fours hit in a ODI career: 1927
  • Most nineties in a ODI career: 18 (Just imagine if he had converted even half of them to 100s!)
  • Most man of match awards in ODI career: 63
  • Most man of the series awards in ODI career: 15
  • Highest individual score in a ODI match: 200*
  • First batsman to score 200 in a ODI match.
  • Highest number of international centuries: 99
  • Most test matches played by a cricketer: 177

What do you think of these records? Do you know of any more I missed? Do drop in your comments.

Tendulkar is the Titan of Cricketing mythology

In Greek mythology a Titan is someone who is a giant. Giant not by size but by deeds who would their rule their domain with absolute power. The two titans Atlas and Hercules are legends of the mythical world. Hercules for beating the odds all alone with just his strength and wit along with Atlas who literally carries the world on his shoulders. Truly if the game of cricket was mythology then Sachin Tendulkar is a Titan.

Sachin Tendulkar’s shoulder carry no less of a burden and he has often single handedly taken on odds we cannot imagine or identify with. But today in his 442nd One Dayer, with his 17,598th run and a good 100 runs after he had scored his 46th century, the little master that Tendulkar is, scored the first double century ever scored in international limited overs cricket.

He now owns the world record for most runs scored ever, most centuries ever and also the highest individual score ever. In both formats of the game Tendulkar his at the top and by miles. No player has dominated both forms in such absolute terms. At 36, Tendulkar is still breaking barriers and showing living up to the adage that ‘Class indeed is permanent’.

At the time of writing this post Indian bowlers have responded well and joined the Tendulkar party by reducing South Africa to 151/7. Most people who love cricket be they Indian or not will agree that if someone deserved to break the 200 barrier in ODI’s it was Sachin Tendulkar. If you want to watch the moment he scored a double hundred click here.

Tendulkar is towards the end of his career and when he retires his myth will live on. I say myth because his achievements are truly unreal and mythical. He is no celebrity but a hero. A mythical hero whose very name is enough to inspire future cricketers to awesomeness.

Why Harbhajan Singh loves Eden Gardens?

I think we saw a great Test match today between India and South Africa. Both teams were playing for the number one spot and rain on the fourth day had made it possible for South Africa to play for a draw, win the series and get the No 1 Ranking for Test cricket. But Indian team had other plans and Harbhajan Singh took 5 wickets to win India the match. India now hold on to their No 1 ranking.

I though it would be nice to look up what Harbhajan Singh does in Eden Gardens Kolkatta. Obviously he seems to relish bowling there as it is also the place where he took a hat trick against Australia way back in 2001. I thought about looking up some distinct statistics to see actually how much does Harbhajan actually love Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

It is incredible to be honest. He has taken 355 wickets in his career in 83 Tests that is a average of  4.27 wickets. Now compare it to 07 Tests and 46 wickets at Eden Garden in Kolkata. He has taken a astounding 6.5 wickets per Test in Kolkata.

On a lighter note India played in Kolkata since November 2007 and since then Harbhajan has had his form be a little on and off. I guess to get him back in the groove India should schedule more matches in Kolkata. What do you say?

Here is a table of comparison of how he has performed in Kolkata and his entire Career statistics.

Career Stats
Eden Garden’s Stats
Tests 83 07
Overs 3900.1 415.1
Wickets 355 46
5 Wkts 24 6
10 Wkts 5 1
Winning Side 35 Tests out of 83 4 Tests out of 6

Source of data is StatsGuru. Statistics were accurate on 18th Feb 2010.