3 Reasons why Ganguly was ignored by Kolkata Knight Riders [Funny]

Ganguly for me is the God of the off-side when it came to watching him bat. He was the first Indian captain who showed ego and aggression. The Indian team that buckled under sledging, suddenly started to sledge back and no longer was the Indian team considered the polite losers. IPL actions came and went by over a full two days. It was strange that Kolkata Knight Riders did not pick Ganguly up to lead their side. I think the KKR management must have had a collective brain aneurism to actually not pick Kolkata’s favourite Dada.

I could only think of these funny reasons for Ganguly being ignored this IPL by Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Rider.

  1. Maybe when Gambhir’s name was called out, the KKR management heard it as Ganguly and went on a bidding war with other teams. Afterwards they realized it was Gambhir and not Ganguly. Alas Shahrukh Khan’s team was left with no money after buying Gambhir  for over $2 million.
  2. Shahrukh Khan might be angry that all the attention goes to Dada when KKR play. He wanted to be the only star of his team. So what, if he cannot play cricket. King Khan will now be the only star of KKR.
  3. Maybe the bidding team forgot that KKR stood for Kolkata Knight Riders and not King Khan Rulez. Kolkata team that ignored Ganguly will not be liked even outside Kolkata.

Anyways, IPL owners are known to bank on youngsters when it comes to shelling out money. But, strangely over the past three years Ganguly was the most consistent of their players. Maybe Ganguly should have taken a cue from Kumble and opted out of the IPL circus.