Pune Warriors get Ganguly: Showdown with Kolkata Knight Riders on 19th May

Sourav Ganguly is back into the IPL. Ignored by all the teams in the initial auction and then not allowed into the IPL because of various technicalities, Ganguly looked all set to sit out IPL 2011. But it seems destiny is going to give Ganguly another go at it and Pune Warriors India have inducted [...]

How Captains Have Performed in World Cup History

It is important in Cricket that a leader should perform and set an example for the team. Lets check the performance of the captains of the winning team in the World Cup from its start to the end last World cup won by Dhoni's men. 1975: First World cup at England Winner: West Indies Captain: Clive Lloyd Performance: [...]

Bangladesh obliges India, England and West-Indies by crashing out of World Cup!

Indian cricket team started the World Cup against Bangladesh. They won comfortably, but their tied match (even after scoring 330+ runs) against England and their loss to South Africa (where they lost 9 wickets for 29 runs) had left them with 7 points with one more match to go. Frankly, other than the match against [...]

[Cricket History] 5 Different Cricket World Cup Trophies!

The World Cup fever is reaching a nice crescendo and we will soon have 14 teams trying to outdo each other for the being called the World Champions. The coveted World Championship trophy is not really as old as the competition. As a matter for fact the World Cup was first held in 1975, while [...]

5 Best Websites to Watch ICC World Cup 2011 Online

One of the best ways to enjoy cricket is at the stadiums. I guess if that is not possible thanks to tickets be more expensive than gold, we can take comfort in watching the matches live on the television set. Sometimes, thanks to our busy work schedules we may end up in a place where [...]