5 Best Websites to Watch ICC World Cup 2011 Online

One of the best ways to enjoy cricket is at the stadiums. I guess if that is not possible thanks to tickets be more expensive than gold, we can take comfort in watching the matches live on the television set.

Sometimes, thanks to our busy work schedules we may end up in a place where there is not television. Here are five online sites which will help you watch cricket.

#1. Extracover.net: This website shows most of the cricket matches going around the world live.

#2. Crictime.com : Crictime.com also shows a lot of matches live and has further links for you to explore more for online cricket.

#3. Justin.tv : Justin.tv is a website where you need to search for the correct channel. Search for your match and you should be able to get live cricket streaming.

#4. Cricfire.com : Cricfire is mainly a website about cricket. It also has a channel for showing live cricket.

#5. Freedocast.com : Freedocast allows you to search for live cricket and stream it through channels.

So as the World Cup arrives we can now catch the action online.

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