The Best and Bravest Warrior

A match between the Caribbean Kings and India (in the old times when the Windies were really kings)

India is batting and every Indian batsman is wearing heavy helmets and pads, Which could weigh more than themselves. It’s all for a shield of protection, from Gavaskarthe battery of fast West Indian fast bowlers. One more man down – A new batsman enters the field. He did not have a helmet on his head. Just with a lousy cap and a bat, he stood there, calmly to face the thunderbolts aimed by the Malcolm Marshall and crew. Each and every ball at a speeds more than 150 Kph. Yet he scored a 100 in a very cool fashion.

That’s the Sunil Gavaskar, commonly called as ‘Sunny’. He was the Bravest  and Best player of that time. His bravery – started a new era in the history of Indian cricket. It was a new experience to everyone and with his defensive style of interminable batting, he sometimes even bored his own teammates. But he had been really enjoying it. Due to his this approach, discipline and his own classic style, he managed to become a man whom the cricket will never forget. He successfully managed to score about 30 centuries which was a record at that time- and became the first man to score 10,00 runs in test series.

After his retirement too, he had been actively taking part in the cricket matches, not as  a player but as a Commentator. There too he has his own ‘interminable’ style. He has been a dearest friend of scandals, and many of them has affected him seriously. Yet ‘Sunny’ is cool

Anyway, players like him are really a boon to the cricket.

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