The mystery of the fake IPL player continues…

image1Last month ‘Akki’ wrote a very interesting post on the Fake IPL player. Like everyone else, it also got me all curious to find out a little more about this mystery man (or woman… who knows!). I seem to enjoy some of the things written on the blog – not for its sleaze, but been for this absurd yet fascinating piece of cricket writing, that has apparently taken the internet world by storm since it was launched on 18 April.

Some time back even Aakash Chopra, a KKR player, was suspected of being the fake IPL player. He says:

“Let’s face it, we as a society love our reality shows and love gossip… we’ve never had access to gossip on cricket and the blog is catering to that need… It’s just one more media product that’s up for consumption in this space.

Undoubtedly, the blog has brought in a new wave of freshness in the world of Cricket. It has sucked in a huge audience as well with its dressing room gossips and interesting tittle-tattles on the lives in the KKR team.

According to the reports from Pinstorm, a Mumbai-based digital marketing firm:

“The fake IPL player blog had at its peak, on 26 April, 150,000 visitors, who each spent 15 minutes on the site, which adds up to about 37,500 hours spent on the blog in one day. Much of the interest in the fake IPL blog has stemmed from cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore, even though the blogger apparently belongs to the Kolkata team”.

More than 41,502 people have voted already on the fake IPL player blog to determine whether the anonymous blogger should disclose his identity. Of course, the majority (almost 64% of the voters) feels the mystery blogger should stand by his word and disclose his identity at the end of the popular 20-20 cricket tournament.
I suppose the curiosity factor would keep all of us interested in finding out the true identity and face behind this blog. The people all over seem to be enjoying every bit of it… I guess that’s what really matters.

With all the speculations that have been going around, the mystery still continues… Do let us know if you have any clues!

Link: Fake IPL Player