Kolkata Knight Riders’ Online Marketing Freebies

image-1No wonder, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team has the highest brand value. They might not be a successful team at IPL this season, but they are definitely the best when it comes to marketing and creating brand awareness.

IPL is turning out to be a pure business. Big reputation does not get you bread and butter… if you do not fit into the business, you better be at home! Catch this – Jayasuriya was asked to sit out of the Mumbai Indian’s playing eleven, the other night by Sachin Tendulkar.

So, said that, it does not really matter if KKR are playing well or not, they have done there homework well. The rule is simple – if you are doing a business you need to have your budgets right.

KKR has set aside a good amount of money for their branding and marketing activities and even when they are not playing well, the strategy has been paying them well.  Interesting would be to see, if KKR have been able to get back their costs, after the IPL gets over. Last season, they were truly ahead of all other IPL teams!!

Check out their official website and more importantly check out the download section in it. It is full of online marketing freebies… I guess good enough to keep the fans engaged and keep the buzz alive. 🙂


The download section features:

  • Web badges including the code that you may use to put on your web pages
  • Free KKR WordPress themes (Now, that’s something interesting)
  • Wallpapers
  • Mobile games & applications
  • Desktop alerts for KKR matches (can the alerts show KKR winning some matches?) 😛
  • Screensavers

Not sure how much all these online marketing strategies help play better cricket but it definitely helps in keeping the fans engaged.

I have not downloaded any of the freebies yet, so I am not sure how well they are designed. But, I am sure many of you would like to try out a few. If you do… then let us know. Also, interesting to know would be if there is any live blog using KKR’s WordPress theme or not.

Till then, let’s keep praying that KKR manages to break their losing streak. (7th consecutive loss today!)

Link: KKR Download page