IPL-2 brings out the true champion… does it?

What a turn around IPL-2 has proved from IPL-1… no wonder this game is a great equalizer, the two teams who were at the bottom of the table last year are now ending this season just the other way around.

No one would have imagined a final clash between the Deccan Chargers and the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the beginning of this season, but here we are witnessing the clash between the two.

Now that brings up the question… Did any of these teams really look like champions through out this league?

Though one can argue they are in the top gear right now, but then you will have to agree that there were days of inconsistent performance too. With Gilly blasting against Delhi Daredevils in the first Semifinal and Manish Pandey doing the magic for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the last two games, Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore managed to pull it through to the final stage.

I don’t know if this the right format for any league where each team is playing two matches against all other opponents for around one and a half months, the the deciders turn out to be the last three matches!!!

What I know from famous leagues in other sports, the teams play against the opponents at home’ and ‘away’ matches and the champion team is decided based on the total points it has scored through the season and not just by one final match.

Look at IPL-1…Rajasthan Royals had played through out the season like champions, defeating all other opponents quite handsomely and coming out as the deserving champions when they won the thrilling final match. This time it was Delhi Daredevils all through except for one match or rather just first five overs of the second innings of the first Semifinal.

If it’s all about the Semifinals and Finals, then why so many other matches through the tournament? Is it the right way of finding a true champion?

Well, you may argue that you can not be crowned as a champion if you can not win the big matches that count the most! But, I really want to hear it out from you… what do you have to say about it?