Virgin IHL Contest – Answer A Simple Question And Win Daily Prizes ! [Day 5]

virgin-indian-hatke-leagueThanks to good response to Day 4 contest, here we are back with Day 5 contest! Thanks again to Virgin Indian Hatke League (IHL) who are sponsoring free IHL merchandise as prizes. All you have to do to win is answer a simple question!

The question for today is…

Which team will win IPL-2 final? Why?

Submit your answers in 24 hours via comment form at the end of this post!

There are no right and wrong answers. Your reasoning for winner team will be counted.

Keep your answers short so other will read it and rate it! Yes winner will be decided by you guys only.

Next to each comment you will find rating option. So don’t forget to rate others’ answers. As number of votes will be counted as well!

Important Clarification:

Yesterday we posted that rtCamp full-time authors cannot participate. Many guest authors thought they are not eligible because of that. This is not the case. Only Me, Swati & Deepak cannot participate from rtBlogs team.

All guest bloggers can participate!

Contest Guidelines:

  1. This will be 5 days event. A new question will be asked daily. This is Day 5.
  2. You can participate daily. But you can answer a question only once!
  3. rtCamp staff and their family members can not participate in this contest. Its open for rest of all.
  4. Contest will end on May 24, at 11:30 P.M. (IST).
  5. All the winners and other details will be declared on CricTalks with a new post.

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19 replies on “Virgin IHL Contest – Answer A Simple Question And Win Daily Prizes ! [Day 5]”

  1. I would go with Deccan Chargers !
    They are a well knit unit, batting is strong with gilli in striking form, bowling is also good with R.P.Singh in sublime form holding purple cap !

  2. Deccan chargers…
    Because of minded captaincy of Adam Gilchrist on right time… he performs awesome and his team too… the only thing to do on final is to win the toss and take the bat first… its my choice… I dont know what Adam thinks.. And Rc have great bowling ability but they are weak in batting… I mean he is not performing from batting side… bowlers like kallis and p kumar doing well… lets see what happen…
    But I think Dc will be the new Champion. πŸ˜€

  3. DECCAN CHARGERS for sure……..

    Gilchrist team is well balanced and has no apparent weakness.

    Symonds, Gilchrist, Gibbs are match winners in their own right.

    Batting is the Deccan Chargers’ strength.The presence of power hitters like Gilchirst,Symonds,Rohit Sharma and Gibbs is the worrying factor for the opposition.Sharma, who was a part of India’s Twenty20 World Cup winning squad, is blossoming into a mature batsman.They are awesome hitters and can maul any bowling attack.If skipper Gichrist and Gibbs ensure a blazing start,Symonds and Rohit keep the momentum going in the

    In bowling, India seamer R P Singh brings in the firepower, while left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha the much-treasured economy.

    Deccan Chargers have proved what it takes to rise from the ashes and their arrival in the respectable finals of the IPL 2009 says it all –
    They are here to stay!

    And even if the Chargers win or not… for me,they are the true IPL winners.

  4. In the league matches, they traded a win each.

    This time, I would go with Deccan Chargers !
    They are a well knit unit, batting is strong with Gilli in striking form with Gibbs, followed by Rohit Sharma bowling is also good with R.P.Singh in sublime form holding purple cap!

    No matter whoever wins but I think Audience will definitely win as Katrina πŸ™‚ is slated to perform (what else!) A R Rahman’s Oscar-winning song Jai Ho! Joining her in this never-seen-before package of entertainment is multi-million-selling British reggae singer Eddy Grant and American R&B artiste and heartthrob of millions, Akon, who will sing his famous hits Smack Dad, Right Now and I Wanna F@#%k You.

  5. I knew you would ask this question on the last day….

    Well, Well, Well……
    I would go for Deccan Chargers (The team that came last in IPL 1) because they are in form and have the potential to win. Though in the recent match with Bangalore, they lost, only because one player in Bangalore hit a 100. Gilchrist is in a damn good form and with no doubt, his team gonna win it.

    But its a good twist in IPL 2.. the last 2 teams in IPL 1 have come to the top 2. I don’t know how Bangalore won from Chennai yesterday… :O
    I think only because of Kumble’s captaincy…..

  6. @Prateek
    You are supposed to answer a question only once.
    See guidelines above. (Rule #2)

  7. well according to me Royal Challengers will win,if we look there improvement is more steady whereas deccan chargers started well but degraded later,as far as strength on paper is concerned,Royal Challengers now after beating Chennai superkings have got their team form at peak at the moment,they are underdogs whereas deccan chargers are favourites which will add extra pressure on deccan chargers to perform evn before a ball is bowled,last but not least expirence of mature cricketers like kumble and kallis will come handy,u see Royal Challengers will lift the trophy.

  8. the royal challengers are going to win because thier approach to cricket is fast and furious! even thier name is cool! come royals!

  9. No doubt Bangalore Royal Challengers.
    Because 1) Kumble’s able captaincy
    2) Manish Pande is at his best in form
    3) Unmatched bowling of Praveen Kumar and Anil Kumble
    4) Kallis- his dextricity both with bat and bowl
    5) Van demerwe’s mighty bowling, especially Part-time bowling
    6) Taylor & boucher with their smashing batting
    At last not the least, If Uthappa and Kohli can maintain run-rate during middle-overs, VICTORY will be of Royal Challengers.

  10. I go with Deccan Charges
    because the players are playing a nice and efficient game and the captaincy of Gilli rocks moreover I’m a big fan of Gilli.. πŸ˜€

  11. Deccan Chargers are going to rock the Final this year. The reasons are many.
    1) Adam Gilchrist has been a superb captain making the right moves every time the situation demanded.
    2) Batting is much superior when you compare it with the Royal Challengers. Deccan have the firepower. In all these matches only one or two have fired so imagining all of them firing. Bangalore wouldn’t want that to happen in their dreams leave alone in reality.
    Warning 1 : Gibbs has not fired till now and this is Wanderers, his home ground so you never know that this would be the match that he might chose to show his class.
    Warning 2: Rohit Sharma , the city under 23 player has become a specialist in finishing close matches.
    3) Bowling has been coming good in the past few matches. We have maintained it tight all through the match except for the last few overs. If RP singh gets it right in the end overs then it will be difficult for the Challengers to either chase or even seat a good target.
    4) Fielding has always been good apart from a few catches being dropped.
    5) Bangalore has won 8 out of the last 10 and if Law of Averages is to be considered then Bangalore has to lose this one especially with them beating the Chargers just 2 days ago…So its time for the Chargers to make it even.
    6)The biggest factor that i see is the Australians in the Chargers side.Australians are big match players and they are used to these situations ie. playing in the finals.

  12. Thats all guys. This is the end of Day 5 contest.
    Winners will be announced tomorrow 6 PM by a separate blog post.

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