Virgin IHL Contest – Answer A Simple Question And Win Daily Prizes ! [Day 4]

Update: Contest for the Day 4 is over. Both, those who participated and those who missed it, can take part in Day 5 contest. Winners for Day 4 will be declared on this blog post by May 24th, 6 P.M. by a separate blog post.

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virgin-indian-hatke-leagueThanks to good response to Day 3 contest, here we are back with Day 4 contest! Thanks again to Virgin Indian Hatke League (IHL) who are sponsoring free IHL merchandise as prizes. All you have to do to win is answer a simple question!

The question for today is…

Do you think IPL-2 is better than IPL-1? Why?

Submit your answers in 24 hours via comment form at the end of this post!

There are no right and wrong answers. You are free to praise, comment as well as criticize.

Keep your answers short so other will read it and rate it! Yes winner will be decided by you guys only.

Next to each comment you will find rating option. So don’t forget to rate others’ answers. As number of votes will be counted as well!

Important Clarification:

Yesterday we posted that rtCamp full-time authors cannot participate. Many guest authors thought they are not eligible because of that. This is not the case. Only Me, Swati & Deepak cannot participate from rtBlogs team.

All guest bloggers can participate!

Contest Guidelines:

  1. This will be 5 days event. A new question will be asked daily. This is Day 4.
  2. You can participate daily. But you can answer a question only once!
  3. rtCamp staff and their family members can not participate in this contest. Its open for rest of all.
  4. Contest will end on May 23, at 11:30 P.M. (IST).
  5. All the winners and other details will be declared on CricTalks with a new post.

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19 replies on “Virgin IHL Contest – Answer A Simple Question And Win Daily Prizes ! [Day 4]”

  1. To start with, early days of ipl have been a subdued affair. Probably because it was conducted outside india and the games were low scoring. However with the passage of time and as the games started having close finishes, ipl has picked up. It has driven more viewers ( lets not forget the zoozoo craze ). In short ipl 2 has proven to been a tougher ask as compared to previous version and a better sporting experience as well.

  2. Without cricket happening in our soil it stands a rare chance to be better and interesting as it is only IPL.

  3. IPL season 1 was better if you ask me. Why I got endless reasons

    * More Buzz was there in IPL1 with outdoor promotional activities going. now these matches come on Idiot box and it does make a difference if you watch it not. earlier you had a IPL fever everywhere

    * Flat pitches means more fours and sixes which translates into josh and masti.

    * Good weather: India had good weather than SA. I have lost count how many matches have been canceled/tied because of this stupid whether of SA

    * Its Indian Premiere League, not South Africa Premiere League. I don’t like our event going elsewhere.

  4. As far as I’m concerned IPL-1 was electrifying than the current event because it was held in India and people from remote areas of India also took part in it.
    Now this is not the case you have to pay high amount to fly to SA and the ticket fares..

    So as far as an Indian I didnt enjoy this season..

  5. IPL 2 is certainly better than IPL 1 though it became INDIAN PARDESI LEAGUE but atleast we are able to see matches.
    If it would have been in INDIA there would been a lot of problems during the league due to elections.

    IPL2 has also seen twists in the table.RCB which was at bottom of table (7th) suddenly erupted and is now in semis.And DC which was on 8th in IPL 1 is now in finals.and who knows one of them wins IPL SEASON2

    IPL2 has also seen the star players performing extremely well like matthew hayden,gilchrist,gibbs,ab,dilshan,brad hodge whereas pietersen and mccullum topped the charts for flop of the tournament

    Adam Gilchrist in IPL 2 has broken the record of FASTY FIFTY of yusuf pathan which was from 21 balls but now ADAM GILCHRIST has made his fastest fifty in just 17 balls

    Iconic players like dravid,sachin,kumble has performed extremely well as compared to their performance in season 1

    In season 1 there were 3 hattricks taken by bowlers but this season 3 hattricks are taken by batsmen

  6. From the point of teams:
    Royal challangers – Far better
    Deccan chargers – Far better
    Knightriders – β€˜Nachbo, kudbo, harbo re’ , ki fark penda hai baadshaho
    Rajasthan Royals – πŸ™

    As a spectator:
    IPL 2 is far better as if the game is boring we can at least enjoy the cheerleaders (no issues this time as the venue is South Africa)

  7. yes ipl two is bigger and better becoz of so many close finishes..althou the crowd frenzy of india is missing

  8. hey as far as I’m concerned IPL-1 was better than the ipl-2 because it was held in India and people from remote areas of India also took part in it.

  9. Let us compare IPL 1 with IPL 2
    * IPL 1 was held in India. IPL 2 is held in South Africa, which is a plus point to IPL 1. IPL 2 wasn’t held in India because of Indian ministers who said that they can’t provide security to the cricket teams while the elections are going on. I bet that much of that crowd which went into stadiums in IPL 1 can’t go to South Africa, only because they don’t have money to go there (which is sad). (1 point to IPL 1)
    * IPL 2 has strategic breaks, (though they are of less use as the batsmen loose their form and get out, but it happens for both the team unless the batsmen are professionals), IPL 1 didn’t have strategic breaks. (1 point to IPL 1 and 1 point to IPL 2)
    * IPL 2 gives donations to schools (If it was held in India, then ofcourse Indian schools would have got the donations, but India didn’t take the responsibility to provide the security to teams.), so plus point to IPL 2. (IPL 1 – 1 point, IPL 2 – 2 points)
    * Some teams which didn’t perform well last year, have performed well this year, which gets 1 point for IPL 2. (IPL 1 – 1 point, IPL 2 – 3 points)
    * IPL 2 has also got a star of the match which gets a ball signed from the winning captain. (IPL 1 – 1 point, IPL 2 – 4 points)
    * IPL 2 has also got a cool website, though it loads slowly and some features don’t work for many people. (IPL 1 – 1 point, IPL 2 – 5 points)
    * IPL 2 has got zoozoos πŸ˜› (IPL 1 – 1 point, IPL 2 – 6 points)

    IPL 1 – 1 point
    IPL 2 – 6 points
    So there are a lot of improvements in IPL 2 and I think there would be many more in IPL 3, even 2 new teams would come in IPL 3.
    So I would go for IPL 2 which has got 6 points :-). And hopefully, IPL 3 would be held in India.

  10. No. IPL 1 is better than IPL 2. I could not see the 100% celebration from Cricket Fans. Because South African fans (Also Indian Royal Fans) differ from Indian Fans.

    Hope Next IPL will be played in India.

  11. I think IPL-1 was best,first because it was first version so people was more crazy about this experiment.
    Second thing it was in India itself, we Indians are crazy about cricket…so the real feel was in India only ( hooting , rush for tickets and all)
    Third the cricketers and franchises are more money minded this year, so a game can be best if it is played with Game Feeling not for money

  12. For me IPL1 was more interesting than expected while IPL2 was more expected than interesting.
    Also IPL1 being the first time was more a game feeling than a win-win challenge.

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