Virgin IHL Contest – Answer a simple question and win free goodies! [Day 3]

Update: Contest for the Day 3 is over. Both, those who participated and those who missed it, can take part in Day 4 contest. Winners for Day 3 will be declared on this blog post by May 23rd, 6 P.M. by a separate blog post.

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virgin-indian-hatke-leagueThanks to good response to Day 2 contest, here we are back with Day 3 contest! Thanks again to Virgin Indian Hatke League (IHL) who are sponsoring free IHL merchandise as prizes. All you have to do to win is answer a simple question!

The question for today is…

Why Kolkata Knight Riders performed so badly in IPL?

Submit your answers in 24 hours via comment form at the end of this post!

There are no right and wrong answers. You are free to praise, comment as well as criticize.

Keep your answers short so other will read it and rate it! Yes winner will be decided by you guys only.

Next to each comment you will find rating option. So don’t forget to rate others’ answers. As number of votes will be counted as well!

Important Clarification:

Yesterday we posted that rtCamp full-time authors cannot participate. Many guest authors thought they are not eligible because of that. This is not the case. Only Me, Swati & Deepak cannot participate from rtBlogs team.

All guest bloggers can participate!

Contest Guidelines:

  1. This will be 5 days event. A new question will be asked daily. This is Day 3.
  2. You can participate daily. But you can answer a question only once!
  3. rtCamp staff and their family members can not participate in this contest. Its open for rest of all.
  4. Contest will end on May 22, at 11:30 P.M. (IST).
  5. All the winners and other details will be declared on CricTalks with a new post.

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All D Best! 😉

16 replies on “Virgin IHL Contest – Answer a simple question and win free goodies! [Day 3]”

  1. Because they are not Knight— they are night riders…lolzz…so they can win if they play in Midnight 😉

    They are not playing with game spirit, they are money minded…over confidence…a little-(little+little+little…..) bit of bad luck

  2. First of all the multiple captaincy theory was a bad move and reflected in their performance.
    Secondaly, presence of high profile players caused some ego clashes.
    Lastly, there was no synergy, the team lacked team work and are therefore rightly so out of the tournament !

  3. Yeah..I got it..
    KKR’s cheerleaders where wearing dressess covering full part of body.
    Meanwhile others where half exposed.

    Now KKR’s players got stuck their eyes on to other teams cheerleaders and lost concentration on the game.. 😛

  4. 1)racial discrimination targeted at Indian players in the team
    2)no unity among the players
    3)fake ipl player (FIP) as he revealed many secrets of KKR
    4)multiple captaincy theory-bookanan should know its not time to experiments
    5)proper selection of players as Laxmi Shukla and Charl Langeveldt played extremely well when given chance
    6)non-performing captain-mccullum could hardly handle the pressure
    7)damaged the confidence of lesser known players by sending chopra and bangar back

  5. These reasons maybe why they aren’t performing well:
    1) I saw on a news channel that they went for a party out.. and they were sitting in two groups. One of blacks and one of whites. This means that they don’t have unity and racial discrimination is there. Also there was news that in Ajit Agarkar was called off the field from the coach and the coach said to him that You are an Indian and do as I say (I am not sure about it, I just heard of it). This is the main thing, a team needs to be united to play, which I think they aren’t. Though they have performed quite well in the last few games and gathered some points to have some respect.
    2) They have many good players in their team but their fielding is really very poor. If you remember in the match of them with Delhi (2nd one), they dropped too many catches and there were too many misfields.
    3) McCullum is always chewing chewing gum (which I don’t think a captain should do while playing). Everyone should be like Dhoni, he doesn’t allow his team to chew chewing gums within the matches 😛
    4) I also see McCullum always cracking jokes and having fun while fielding with his “white” friends. He doesn’t have much concentration on his game.
    5) As I said, they have so many good players like Sourav, Ishant, McCullum also, Hussey etc but the performance in fielding lacks.. this is the only important reason I feel they can’t perform well. Also, if any order fails (like batting, bowling, or fielding), I don’t think the team can do well.

  6. 1) Goro kaa Raaj … Has anyone seen a team which has a support staff equal to the team. Ridiculous
    2)Didn’t give enough chances to potential players like Charl Langeveldt
    3) Dada’s Miserable form at the top
    4) Uninspiring captaincy from Mccullum
    5) Focus on commercial things more than the game.
    6) Controversies surrounding the team.
    7) Last but not the least, the Fakeipl player revealing all the secrets.

  7. Ha ha,
    People Kolkata Knight Riders got longest air time this IPL2.
    People “shahrukh khan” when he knew his plan is working, he came back to other stuff, money talks.
    People “shahrukh khan” won what are you dreaming.

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