Best Buy for DD?

delhi-daredevilsWho do you think is the best buy for DD ???

Is it Dilshan?

With Veeru and Gauti (Gambhir has it on back of his jersey) not firing for the devils, it’s up to him to take care of the batting line up for the team… a great player as he is the Sri Lankan Captain.  He makes sure that the devils finish it well…!!!

Or is it AB?

They say he is in the best form ever and hell! Yeah he is, being the only batsman to have scored a century in IPL2… he is going great guns. In the field, he is like lighting… always involved!

Or is it the one man who has managed to keep the great pigon out of the side ?

Man! He must be something to have done that, and so he did prove his worth in the match against the unbeaten chargers…. 2/16 …can they get any better…. getting gilly and Gibbs out so early…. he won the well deserved Man Of the Match…. didn’t u get the name still ??  Nannes is the one I’m talking about. Well,  I can go on and on about him… but maybe in some other post!

For me its Nannes, of course…what about you, huh???

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