Rahul Dravid: India’s Overseas Emperor! [Stats]

Rahul Dravid announced his retirement today. It was a no-nonsense and simple statement that has ended his fantastic career. Much like the way he batted in the middle.

Rahul Dravid has often been over shadowed by more flamboyant players throughout his career. He scored a technically superb 95 on debut in England, but that innings was overshadowed by Saurav Ganguly’s debut century. The same thing happened almost all through his career. He was over shadowed by the towering records of Sachin Tendulkar or the stylish VVS Laxman.

But the simple truth is Rahul Dravid was not just a very good batsman but the single consistent reason why India started winning test matches outside India.

He played a 164 tests and scored 13,288 runs. That is the second most runs scored by a cricketer in the world. He averaged a fantastic 52.31. But that is a incomplete story of his real impact on India cricket.

A lot of experts say that India’s most glorious run in test cricket was when Ganguly was the captain. When Ganguly was the captain, Dravid scored 4912 runs at an incredible average of 73.31. In the 21 tests which India won under Ganguly, Dravid averaged an even more incredible 102.84.

As a captain not a lot of people gave Dravid much importance. But he did lead as captain to India winning a test series in West Indies and also England and is the only Indian captain to win in both these countries.

The famous venues that India won test matches abroad over the last decade are Leeds, Rawalpindi, Kingston, Adelaide, Perth. All of these matches featured a high scoring innings by Dravid.

If India was touring abroad and winning, it was only because a certain Rahul Dravid had scored runs. He has an average of 69.48 runs in the 24 matches India won aboard.

It is no surprise that the last overseas victory India had in Sabina Park against West Indies, also featured a match winning century by Dravid.

‘The Wall’ might have called it a day and retired but he certainly won’t ever be forgotten.

Indian cricket team on a high as administrators reach new lows

cricket_highs_lowsFirst let me start by wishing  all our readers a Happy New Year! 2009 is the year when CricTalks was born and we plan to make it grow to become a significantly popular cricket blog. For that we need to write a lot of posts and updates along with implementing ideas. I promise this year you will see a marked increase in frequency in posts. More of that later in some other post. Now I want to review how was 2009 for Indian cricket.

This was a interesting year considering the Indian team reached heights that it had never reached before but unfortunately the game’s administrators also reached lows they had not reached before. Lets start with the lows first so that I can end this post on the highs. 😉


The administrators have consistently goofed up on scheduling and bad planning. They have done it with such an alarming rate that it is more or less expected. Here are some lows that stand out.

  • Only two test matches were scheduled for 2010. That too against Bangladesh. They are now hastily discussing a Test series with South Africa for later in the year. This is happening only because India tops the ICC Test Rankings. If India does not play Test matches chances are that they won’t be able to maintain the ranking.
  • Lack of interests in Test cricket has been shown but turning out bland and placid pitches where teams are regularly scoring 600+ scores with numerous draws.
  • Another nail in the coffin was the ODI in Delhi which was canceled because of a unfit pitch. Later on interesting facts have come out that associations are spending more money on meetings and discussions rather than purchasing cricket kits. All said an done the administrators have all shifted blamed from one person to another and some have even blamed Sri Lanka as being reluctant. Strangely none of these men who run the sport has still taken responsibility for the fiasco.


Okay enough of the lows, lets talk about the highs in Indian cricket. Last year ended with India winning home test series against the Australians and England. This year they started with a visit to New Zealand.

  • India won a test series in New Zealand after 41 long years. India was playing as favourites but often they have not been very good travelers. India won the series 1-0.
  • Then came the IPL and the T20 world cup disaster. India toured West Indies after that and won the ODI series there. They followed it up by wining Compaq Cup. They did a few bumps with losses in Champions trophy and losing the ODI series against Australia.
  • India finally came into their own against Sri Lanka. They beat them 2-0 in the Test series. They also beat Sri Lanka in the ODI series 3-1. India has thus gained a Test ranking of #1 which is the highest ever it has gone.

Feel free to tell me what do you think about Indian cricket administration and the team through your super comments. 😉

Has ‘Team-India’ become ‘Indian-Team’ again?

What is the difference between ‘Team-India’ and ‘Indian Team’ ?
India team
Both are the nick names of Indian cricket team.The Indian cricket team -when they were nicknamed as ‘Indian Team’- consisted of many great players like Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly, Srinath, Kumble etc. All of them were able to win matches themselves and the team was the strongest on paper, but the weakest in reality. It’s because during those days, India had a habit of winning all matches except the final or the Tie-breaker match. We can clearly see it in the 2003 world cup, the tri-series that came after that. Anyway, the concept of ‘Team’ didn’t had much value at that time.


Then comes the ‘Team India’ under MS Dhoni. We can understand the importance of ‘Team India’ from the name itself. This concept gives importance to the team. Under Dhoni, a clevert captain, India attained new heights during this period. India had a lot of gain which included the T20 world cup, #1 ranking in ICC ODI Rankings and many other foreign series. The team was full of youngsters and rather than a ONE MAN SHOW, they had a TEAM WORK SHOW. Instead of individual performance, they concentrated on the victory of team.

But recent results shows that India is going back to its old ‘INDIAN TEAM’ concept. They losses in T20 cup, ICC Champions Trophy etc.. shows it. With the recent loss to Australia, it clearly shows us that the glorious times of Dhoni and his friends are coming to an end. We can only pray to God to not to let it happen like that.

What is your Opinion about this ? Is ‘TEAM INDIA’ going back to the INDIAN TEAM ? Let me know through your comments here.

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