Tables Turned: Australia Choke, South African Win

Today South Africa won a Test against Australia. South Africa won by a handsome 8 wickets. But the drama and mayhem from the day before was truly stuff of Cricket legend.

The first day ended with Australia on 214/8 with Micheal Clarke not out on 107. On day two, Clarke went on to score 151, while Australia scored 284.

South Africa was then blown away by Australia for a paltry 96.

Australia started the 3rd innings with a commanding lead of 188 runs. Australia was all set for a victory and guess what? They choked. Bowled out for only 47 runs it left South Africa to get 236 to win. The second day had started with the 1st innings and ended with the 4th innings resuming.

No more drama unfolded and the match was won with only 2 wickets being lost in the 4th innings.

Both teams in one innings managed so score over 200 while in another could not manage to reach 100.

Usually South Africa known to be chokers, especially against Australia ended up winning from a difficult position. Australia on the other hand did something they never do, which is choke when victory is in sight.

Both these teams are not ranked #1 and it is now over 2 years that Australia has been ranked behind India in Tests. Also England is the worlds #1 team. The world of cricket has truly turn around. 😀

(post inspired via @mani0993)

Link: Score Card

And… the Heat is ON!!!

Now all the league matches are over. Semi finals are fixed (!?! I mean which teams are playing against each other….)
Dare-DEVILS will be very happy as they are on the top. And cricket lover DW’iens too 🙂

Icing on the cake for Daredevils is, Sehwag’s back in form with flashing fifty in the last league match against poor Bombay (Sorry Mumbai).

Delhi and Chennai are favorites and why not, they have performed good enough. But keep in mind guys, Deccan Chargers is Dark Horse.

Rohit, Gilli, Roy (Symonds), Gibbs all are hard hitters and will be hunting for bad balls… But Rohit has proved he can hit any good ball over the ropes. Remember the close match against Punjab, yorker-length ball with 143K by Bret Lee is DFL’ed over mid wicket for six! (Professionalism @ its max… DLF Maximum was converted into “DFL’ed”  from the commentary box !!!) Awesome hit…. Truly RO-HIT….!

This guy certainly has huge future. He’s got tremendous temperament… And none other than Sachin praised his batting… Remember two finals against Australia on their home ground.

Well… Vijay Mallya will be happy for his team… but still lots of hustle bustle going inside the team.
Dravid sacked… KP in as a leader… still team was drowning… Dravid’s India trip in middle of the series… KP went back… Dravid performed… and now Anil is leading… so many things happening!!! Well… Kingfisher has less colors than things happening inside… hahahaha.

Does anybody have a doubt on Dhoni… the fox? But still bowing is weak link for them. Part time bowlers have done a good job for them though.

Cricket is a game of full of uncertainties… anybody can win and anybody can loose… (exception Sponsorers!)
The only unhappy man would be SRK… After all, he is the only man after Gandhji who has returned India from South Africa after getting insulted…!!!

John Buchanan get ready to be kicked off!

After all… every game is all about the will to win it and that’s important… but the will to prepare is vital!