The Tendulkar Generations!


My first memory of Tendulkar was way back in 1989. India was touring Pakistan and the broadcast on Doordarshan was grainy. I grew up in Mumbai and the 16 year old child prodigy was already being talked up in the local newspapers. There was anticipation in the air and the prodigy was expected to just about make it through the series. It is now stuff of legend, how the precocious child-like batsman smashed Abdul Qadir, one of Pakistan’s best leg spinners around for sixes and fours. Tendulkar had arrived and in style.

Tendulkar means a lot more than just a sporting icon in India. Like Matthew Hayden says, Tendulkar is now culture. Yes, he is part of modern Indian culture. A culture of excellence, hard word, ambition tempered by fair-play and the occasional emotion.

Anyone in their 40s could be called the Tendulkar generation. The generation that grew up listening to tales of Sunil Gavaskar’s feats but secretly admired the West-Indian dasher Viv Richards for his audacity and stroke-play. India was coming of age, the young were born decades after India had become independent and did not carry any colonial baggage.

The economy too was opening up and the young Indian was looking to take risks be audacious. Tendulkar embodied audacity and risk taking in his batting. But as if the past had not to be forgotten, he had also managed to fashion a near perfect batting technique for defensive stroke-play.

That Tendulkar generation is now in its 40s. But the Tendulkar generations kept growing. A thirty year old today remembers possibly the best phase of Tendulkar’s career from 1998 to 2004 – when he was playing blinders against Australia in Sharjah and square cutting Shoaib Akhtar over point for a six during a world cup match. All this while avoid endorsements from tobacco companies. Bats with MRF stickers sold like hot cakes. This generation not only admired Tendulkar but wanted to become him.

The 20 year old generation looks at Tendulkar a little differently. As the tough competitor who silently goes about doing his job without talking too much to the press giving interesting quotes. This generation looks at Sreesanth’s antics on the field and Gambhir – Kohli on-field spat and say “Tendulkar and Dravid would never do this”. This generation has enough audacious role-models but admire Tendulkar for being understated.

There will be critics and there will be accolades for Tendulkar written. Some will settle for nothing less than “God” to describe him, some will try to cut him down to size. But the several Tendulkar generations will have their own Tendulkar story, their own Tendulkar moment to remember and their own reason to toast him on his 40th birthday today.

The Sachin Must Retire Flowchart!

After Sachin Tendulkar completed his 100 international centuries there have been a lot of people praising his achievement. But I have noticed that over the past few years a lot of cricket fans seem to criticize Sachin Tendulkar for whatever he does or does not do.

Most of this criticism expects Sachin Tendulkar to retire and a flowchart created by Guruprasad Gp has nicely explained, how some critics obsess over Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement.

Life of Sachin Tendulkar [Infographic]

Sachin Tendulkar was 16 when he made his debut and watching him on TV, I was only nine years old. Since then, my favourite cricketer has been Tendulkar and almost 22 years later he still remains my favorite.

He is probably the only current cricketer still playing who also played in the late 1980s.

Here is an infographic which celebrates the master blaster turning 38.


Click on the image to get the full-sized image. You are free to share this image as long as you give credit to our blog. Also do drop in your comments and let me know about your favourite “Sachin Moment”.

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Sachin on Twitter: List of cricketers on Twitter

Sachin Tendulkar has finally arrived on Twitter quietly and surreptitiously. Most people might have thought initially that it was a fake but now with Twitter verifying the account along with over hundred thousand followers in 24 hours. Its official that Tendulkar is now on Twitter and now his die hard crazy fans will get to follow their idol’s life.

But Tendulkar is not the only cricketer on Twitter. There are quite a few. Some of them are fakes and some profiles are not being updated regularly so I will leave them out. But here is a list of all cricketers that you can find on Twitter.

Just click on any of the names and you will be taken to their Twitter profile page.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Zaheer Khan
  3. Graeme Smith
  4. Yuvraj Singh
  5. Shane Warne
  6. Mark Boucher
  7. Wayne Parnell
  8. Micheal Clarke
  9. Albie Morkel
  10. Darren Gough
  11. James Anderson
  12. Chris Gayle
  13. Suresh Raina
  14. Rohit Sharma
  15. Sourav Ganguly

I am sure there are many others but I could not verify as I mentioned some accounts were too inactive to be really sure. Do follow these on field greats and also please do let me know if there are any other cricketers with Twitter profiles!

Tendulkar is the Titan of Cricketing mythology

In Greek mythology a Titan is someone who is a giant. Giant not by size but by deeds who would their rule their domain with absolute power. The two titans Atlas and Hercules are legends of the mythical world. Hercules for beating the odds all alone with just his strength and wit along with Atlas who literally carries the world on his shoulders. Truly if the game of cricket was mythology then Sachin Tendulkar is a Titan.

Sachin Tendulkar’s shoulder carry no less of a burden and he has often single handedly taken on odds we cannot imagine or identify with. But today in his 442nd One Dayer, with his 17,598th run and a good 100 runs after he had scored his 46th century, the little master that Tendulkar is, scored the first double century ever scored in international limited overs cricket.

He now owns the world record for most runs scored ever, most centuries ever and also the highest individual score ever. In both formats of the game Tendulkar his at the top and by miles. No player has dominated both forms in such absolute terms. At 36, Tendulkar is still breaking barriers and showing living up to the adage that ‘Class indeed is permanent’.

At the time of writing this post Indian bowlers have responded well and joined the Tendulkar party by reducing South Africa to 151/7. Most people who love cricket be they Indian or not will agree that if someone deserved to break the 200 barrier in ODI’s it was Sachin Tendulkar. If you want to watch the moment he scored a double hundred click here.

Tendulkar is towards the end of his career and when he retires his myth will live on. I say myth because his achievements are truly unreal and mythical. He is no celebrity but a hero. A mythical hero whose very name is enough to inspire future cricketers to awesomeness.

Sachin Tendulkar 200 Moment Video

Watch how Sachin Tendulkar set the world record of 200 run by scoring single against south Africa. This is one such moment which no Indian cricket lover will ever forget.

sachin tendulkar
Sachin tendulkar after Scoring 200

Sachin broke the world record of Saeed Anwar, Pakistan cricket player who held the record of 194 run against India. Here ar

Do share your view about Sachin Double ton and world record.

Note: Do read Tendulkar is the Titan of Cricketing mythology