ICC World Twenty20 Super8 [Schedule and Fixtures]

clip_image002Pakistan has managed to qualify for the Super8 after defeating Netherlands quite handsomely. The teams were to retain their seeding for the Super8s stage, irrespective of whether they finish first or second in their group. The fixture details of the Super8 stage are already very clear.

Just to remind you, the rule is that if any of the 3rd seeded team from a group qualifies for the Super8, it will get the seeding of the team that they knock out for the purpose of deciding the Super8 matches.

Thus, Ireland and West Indies now get seeding of Bangladesh and Australia respectively for deciding their matches for the Super8 stage.

The group wise team seeding now stands as given below:

India – A1 Pakistan – B1 West Indies – C1 New Zealand – D1
Ireland – A2 England – B2 Sri Lanka – C2 South Africa – D2
Bangladesh Netherlands Australia Scotland

Super8 – Groups

A1 B1
B2 A2
C1 C2
D2 D1

Schedule and fixtures for Super8

11 THU England vs South Africa

(B2 vs  D2)

10:00 PM IST

New Zealand vs Ireland

(D1 vs  A2)

6:00 PM IST

12 FRI India vs West Indies

(A1 vs C1)

10:00 PM IST

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

(B1 vs  C2)

6:00 PM IST

13 SAT West Indies vs South Africa

(C1 vs  D2)

6:00 PM IST

New Zealand vs Pakistan

(D1 vs  B1)

10:00 PM IST

14 SUN India vs England

(A1 vs B2)

10:00 PM IST

Ireland vs Sri Lanka

(A2 vs  C2)

6:00 PM IST

15 MON England vs West Indies

(B2 vs  C1)
10:00 PM IST

Pakistan vs Ireland

(B1 vs  A2)

6:00 PM IST

16 TUE India vs South Africa

(A1 vs D2)

10:00 PM IST

NewZealand vs Sri Lanka

(D1 vs  C2)

6:00 PM IST

18 THU Semifinal – E1 vs F2
10:00 PM IST
19 FRI Semifinal F1 vs E2

10:00 PM IST 2030 hrs BST

21 SUN Final

7:30 PM IST

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