Enemy of the KKR State: Fake IPL Player

This is one player, the KKR owners did not bargain for… with an alias as ‘Fake IPL Player’, this guy claims to be on the KKR team and is all set to wash the dirty linen for all to see and smell…

Interestingly, he has nicknames for all the players on the team (SRK-Winnie Dildo, Mallya-Mr Batlivala, Dada-Lord Almighty etc etc)…  and leaks all the insider info to the world through his blog… well call it “spy-in-the-ranks” or a brilliant marketing strategy by the owners, they have got eyes glued in onto their team… all the Bollywood Masala finding its way into an equally addictive and insane format of cricket.

If this is the how the things are going to move ahead, what next:  link-ups and breakups in the team… did anyone say casting couch during team selections???

I wonder…

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